With a deck you turn your outdoor space into a living space, an extension of your indoor space. A space where you can easily step on and enjoy the sun.

C.W. Decks & Fences expertly makes decking exactly fit to your garden, balcony, roof terrace, courtyard or patio. You upgrade your space in a particularly stylish and sustainable way.

All our work carries a 5 year guarantee as long as its maintained to our recommendations.

C.W. Decks and Fences’ approach

First of all: we stop with the habit of putting the Decks the wrong way around!
Grooves should be d o w n.
Yes! When the rain falls at the deck, and it runs down the 5 mm space between the planks, the water is stopped by the grooves on the underside of the plank.

But doesn’t the surface get incredibly smooth and slippery? n o.
We recommend oiling the surface. We use Anti-Slip Terrace Oil you prevent slipping and falling through slippery decking and terraces. After applying this Anti-Slip Coating, the wooden surface is a lot safer to use. Which gives you more pleasure from the surface. Apart from that it’s a beautiful cover, the surface is getting nice and smooth.

To avoid plant life coming up beneath the deck, we use a breathable membrane. To drain the water properly, we use the natural fall of the garden.

We create all kind of decks, L-shaped, square, hexagonal and all kind of customized shapes.

Your own ideas

Of course we are open for your own ideas. For example, if you want the grooves at the top because you like them better, we will. Your ideas are the basis, we advise on this from our technical background.


Price is calculated per square meter. This can’t be specified in advance, since every deck or work site is different. Craig will visit your site and make you an offer.

Prices do not include finishing (oils)
Prices do not include 21% VAT

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